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Explore all of our preferred partners, with trusted brands who excel in the ultimate group vacations. From both the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts of Mexico to the Dominican Republic and Jamaica to the smaller Caribbean Islands, there is a lot to explore. Click a preferred brand below to see all of their locations, or learn about a completely new brand and why they’re an ideal fit for your next group trip.


AM Resorts

AM Resorts is a series of luxurious all-inclusive properties across Mexico and the Caribbean. Every resort exudes its own distinctive atmosphere and offers premier accommodations, amenities, facilities, and of course, top-class service. AM Resorts properties include Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts, Secrets Resorts & Spas, Breathless Resorts & Spas, Dreams Resorts & Spas, Now Resorts & Spas, Reflect Resorts & Spas, Sunscape Resorts & Spas.

All brands operated by AM Resorts specialize in state-of-the-art spas and treatment centers, as indicated in their titles. Additionally, many of these brands are adults-only, which makes these properties ideal for wellness retreats as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties. There are family-friendly options as well, with four brands that include kids’ and teens’ clubs, and offer environments that are both enjoyable and comfortable for all ages. AM Resorts group vacations have everything you can imagine and more to ensure your stay is as soothing as can be.

With numerous destinations from Puerto Vallarta to Cancun, from the Dominican Republic to the Bahamas, your options with AM Resorts are extensive as well as terrific. Whether you’re on a romantic couples getaway, a family reunion, or celebrating the last days of your or a friend’s bachelor(ette) life, AM Resorts has a brand and an experience just for you. The thoughtful blending of luxury and sincerity at AM Resorts establishments across the Caribbean is a pillar upon which this brand is prepared to make your group or family vacation an unforgettable one.

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Blue Diamond Resorts

Blue Diamond Resorts are a collection of over 40 properties spread all across Mexico and the Caribbean. This brand takes pride in offering diverse experiences and are operated by the most professional managers and directors in the hospitality industry and has over the last decade become the Caribbean’s fastest growing resort chain. Blue Diamond prides itself on being an adaptable, differentiated resort chain that creates and morphs brands into what various markets need.

With dozens of Blue Diamond properties that are oriented towards being kid and family-friendly as well as more lavish adults-only establishments, it is not overselling to say that there is no travel group that won’t be thoughtfully catered to. Blue Diamond Resorts proudly offer accommodations that can meet all budgets, as well. Blue Diamond brands include Memories Resorts and Spas, Starfish Resorts, Planet Hollywood Resorts & Hotels, Mystique Resorts, and Royalton Resorts. With all these tried and true brands and their collective growth and development, it’s no surprise that Blue Diamond is the success it is now.

When you think of a charming family vacation, a couples getaway, or even a bachelor or bachelorette party, you need not look further than Blue Diamond Resorts. By their distinctive approach in catering to the needs and strengths of the areas their properties are in, Blue Diamond Resorts deliver an exceptional, immersive experience in the Caribbean.


Hard Rock Hotels and Resorts

Hard Rock Hotels are the most spirited, electrifying properties across Mexico and the Dominican Republic. These luxurious, all-inclusive establishments offer the most premier and modern amenities, accommodations, and facilities in the Caribbean. Envisioned and designed to be the most enthralling experience possible, each Hard Rock Hotel strives to provide its guests with the absolute height of musical immersion and enjoyment.

No matter what kind of group vacation you’re planning, Hard Rock Cafe Hotels has you covered. If you’re bringing the kids, you’ll love teaching them about the unifying power of music as they enjoy lessons, hanging out in the kids club, and exploring the themed areas of the hotel. If it’s an old college reunion, prepare to revel in your memories to the songs and groups you used to jam out to back then. If it’s a group vacation for extended family, join together in a celebration of life, spirit, and music as Hard Rock Cafe Hotels transport you to rock and roll bliss.

Expect no less than the most visually striking and fun-loving of atmospheres when staying at Hard Rock in Mexico or the Caribbean. With menus designed and kitchens run by Michelin-star chefs, nourishing spa treatments and poolside lounging to family-oriented recreation, or even nightclubbing, Hard Rock Hotels have any and all ways of enjoying oneself mapped and figured out.


Majestic Resorts

Majestic Resorts is a boutique collection of exclusive beachfront resorts dedicated to exceeding expectations through attentive service, premier local and international cuisines, and a vast range of leisurely activities that guests of all ages can enjoy. With just a handful of locations in Mexico and the Caribbean, Majestic Resorts are highly specialized in catering to their guests and hold the highest of standards when it comes to their staff, chefs, and management.

While guests of any age are always welcome, Majestic Resorts provide a perfect experience for couples’ group vacations. With amenities that include in-suite two-person jetted tubs and exquisite, romantic dining areas that offer specialty cuisines, there is a particular vibe throughout Majestic properties that they were made to be experienced with your partner. They additionally offer private adults-only clubs that offer experiences that are personalized and upscale, among other luxurious, fun, and relaxing amenities.

The layout of their properties are brilliantly designed in open styles to preserve peaceful energy, yet they are quite walkable as well. Majestic’s emphasis on tranquil vibes makes their properties in Mexico and the Caribbean more than ideal for wellness groups, couples retreats, and small family gatherings. If you’re looking for a group vacation that combines luxurious accommodations and amenities, delicious menus, and an extensive range of spectacular add ons, Majestic has it all covered.


Palace Resorts

Palace Resorts are a fun, energetic collection of properties devoted to the enjoyment of families and friends alike. With nearly a dozen terrific locations in Mexico and the Caribbean, this brand has achieved a standard of world-class amenities and accommodations without compromising whatsoever the down to earth and dedicated attitude of their staff. With an emphasis on luxurious accommodations, fine dining, top-shelf drinks, and more, Palace resorts have established itself as a brand among the finest in the tourism industry.

Group travelers of all kinds and convictions would enjoy staying at a Palace Resort. Couples would appreciate the intimate romance options and bachelor and bachelorette parties will love the gourmet dining, drinks, and night activities, yet it’s families and travelers with children who will find the ultimate group vacation experience. These establishments are chic yet playful, intimate yet jovial, and vibe with an err of appreciation throughout. For these reasons Palace Resorts just seem to reverberate everything that is whimsical and lovable about family vacations. From conversations over delicious meals, laughs out on the beach and participating in water sports, and on top, the offer of smoke-free resorts.

Palace Resorts do have properties that cater to couples only, as well as some that are more inclined towards active guests. It’s safe to say Palace has any and all travel groups covered and will maintain the premier degree of service and accommodation regardless of where your group finds itself.


Palladium Hotels

Palladium Hotels are a Spanish-owned collection of luxurious establishments across the world. They enthusiastically maintain and cater their excellent standard to a handful of opulent properties in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, while remarkably blending the traditions of Spanish hospitality with the natural beauties and offerings of the Caribbean. Palladium Hotels all feature a Zentropia Palladium Spa and Wellness Center as well as activities for children and various adult dining options. By these inclusions, Palladium is an excellent choice for groups of any and all sorts.

Palladium properties in Mexico and the Dominican Republic emphasize finding harmony, adventure, and appreciation in a beautiful new culture. There is a genuine sincerity in the establishments that provide the premier amenities, accommodations, and services that the hospitality industry has today. These properties are ideal for couples and families, as well as groups of friends who are seeking a place to spend time together without worry.

If you’re planning group travel for your family, with members of any age, you need not look further than Palladium Hotels. With professional staff in every aspect of the properties, from the kitchen to the front desk to the 24-hour providers of room service, you’ll find that Palladium has you covered on all fronts. There is something to learn, appreciate, and indulge for absolutely everyone at this collection of gorgeous, thoughtful establishments.


Playa Hotels and Resorts

Playa Hotels and Resorts are a Dutch collection of all-inclusive properties spread across Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Playa takes much pride in providing a dream vacation to groups seeking a vast range of experiences. With brands such as Hyatt, Hilton, Sanctuary, Jewel, Panama Jack, and more, Playa Hotels and Resorts have a terrific option to suit vacationers of all sorts.

With these eight different brands that offer their own variant on group vacations and experiences, Playa quite literally offers it all. Families seeking adventure and excitement will find numerous excursions and onsite activities to enjoy and teach their kids through. Couples wishing for an intimate getaway will love the staggering amount of romance options and intimate dining packages available, as well as in-room services. Groups of friends of any and all ages will find there is a Playa brand that will suit their needs and desires, with luxurious accommodations, fine cuisines and drinks, and premier amenities all available night and day.

The remarkable standard that Playa upholds through their top-tier accommodations, amenities, service and a sincere appreciation for the lovely destination is bound to amaze and satisfy group vacationers of all convictions. Dream vacations are made possible through the extensive and customizable Mexican and Caribean experiences and are what distinguish Playa Hotels and Resorts a premier choice for group vacationers.

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RIU Hotels and Resorts

RIU Hotels and Resorts is a Spanish-owned collection of over 100 properties in 19 countries that provide premier accommodations, amenities, food, and services. Their establishments offer unique architectural designs that blend with the local styles and culture. RIU Hotels and Resorts can cater to travel groups of all sizes and with members of all ages by their extensive list of properties as well as the number of amenities and services available at them.

Each RIU property in Mexico and the Caribbean exudes its own identity and appreciation of its location while maintaining the highest level of hospitality there is. Unique experiences are endless with RIU, as each resort has a kitchen full of experienced chefs, professional staff members dedicated to your relaxation and enjoyment, and state-of-the-art facilities available for you and your group to spend your time as you please. RIU Hotels are terrific for families, with many resorts having activities clubs and excursions, but also appeal to businesses and conferences, with appropriate facilities available for use.

There is a spectacular group vacation for all when booking with RIU. Whether you are looking to bring together relatives, celebrate with a bachelor or bachelorette party, or organize a conference for your business, RIU Hotels and Resorts will accompany you with everything you need to both relax and enjoy the lovely culture of a Caribbean destination.

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Iberostar Resorts

Iberostar Hotels and Resorts are a luxurious, Spanish-owned collection of establishments that offer the height of accommodations, amenities, and services. Their properties vary in style and size and can cater to a variety of different group vacations from family-friendly to couples-only getaways. Iberostar has always defined itself as a brand that creates sustainable tourism and maintains it with top-tier service. With this promise, Iberostar looks to provide guests with an enhanced vacation experience in every possible sense.

With dozens of properties spread across Mexico and the Caribbean, Iberostar Hotels and Resorts offer a staggering number of options for a group vacation. Each resort brings its own distinguished design and vibe yet every one offers sincere, immersive ways to enjoy the area you’re in as well as relax or get active on the resort property. With this approach, Iberostar is prepared to accommodate any and all kinds of group vacations, regardless of the ages of travelers and the occasion itself. Additionally, many resorts are designed and operated to appeal to businesses, so corporate group travel also has an excellent home in Iberostars.

Truly a chameleon of destination resorts, Iberostar Hotels and Resorts are prepared to meet and exceed you and your travel group’s expectations. Whether you desire to lounge on the beach or by the pool, spending precious time with your family or spouse, exploring local landmarks and natural wonders, or planning future business ventures, Iberostar has all you will need.

Sandos Playacar (2)


Sandos Hotels and Resorts are a collection of Italian-owned properties across Mexico and the Caribbean. These beautiful establishments cater to a wide variety of groups and travelers and boast the forefront of premier amenities, accommodations, and staff services. Sandos Hotels and Resorts are run with the ultimate goal of offering unique experiences and services to guests while contributing to the growth, recognition, and appreciation of the beautiful locations they exist in.

Sandos Hotels and Resorts have properties that appeal to couples, groups of friends, and families alike, although it is well known that their adult-oriented properties are what has gained them the most recognition. Couples seeking an intimate romantic getaway will love the romance packages and fine dining options Sandos has to offer. Sandos Hotels and Resorts aim to and successfully provide their guests with the very best round the clock service, activity equipment, facilities, and food.

While the primary note of fame for Sandos is in their appeal to couples, there is an exciting and fulfulling Sandos group vacation package for everyone. Families will absolutely love the beach and poolside activities, entertainment options, and excursions that are available to do with their kids and loved ones. Regardless of where and how you choose to stay, Sandos will accommodate you in every possile sense, ready to assist you in making your dream vacation a reality.

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Karisma Resorts

Karisma Resorts are a collection of lavish all-inclusive properties spread all across Mexico and the Caribbean. This brand places serious emphasis on indulgence and culinary perfection. They welcome travelers of all ages and conviction with a promise of a beyond delicious, comfortable, and memorable stay.

With the signature award-winning Karisma Gourmet Inclusive Experience, you and your group will be welcomed with refreshments and treated to the absolute height of culinary extravagance. At every Karisma property, world-class specialty chefs run the kitchens and put together menus that are inspired locally as well as globally. Combined with premier accommodations with personalized service, you can enjoy state-of-the-art dining from the comfort of your own room, should you choose to.For adult-oriented group travel, there are terrific tequila, mezcal, and wine tasting available daily, as well as unlimited alcoholic beverages from both premium local and international brands. Karisma also offers award-winning wine cellars and the guidance of professional sommeliers to aid you in selecting the label that you desire.

Kids will love staying with Karisma, as well, with youth programs and dedicated kids club actvities, where they can go on delicious adventures. Regardless if your group is family or adults-oriented, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or just a group of friends looking to get away, Karisma Resorts are waiting to dote on you with the absolute finest in food, drink, and comfort.