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Ready to pack your bags? Utilize our handy checklists that will make packing for your next group vacation a breeze. From ideas to help with traveling with children to guest packing checklists you can share with your entire group, we’ve got you covered on the essentials, must-haves, and more. The lists below aide in helping guests pack for pretravel, and even offer a little fun for your next trip to Mexico. Plan accordingly for your next large group vacation:


Guest Packing Checklist

Want to make sure your guests are taken care of for your next big group vacation? As group leader, you should encourage them to use this useful guest packing checklist, featuring everything they’ll need for your trip, from a-la-carte dining to everyday needs. The checklist covers everything from the order of most importance to event clothing and personal items.


Children's Travel Checklist

The children’s group travel checklist is the best way to guarantee you have everything needed to ensure a wonderful vacation for your younger guests. From the necessities to toys, we’ve got some great ideas to keep kids of any age entertained, plus there’s plenty of “reminders” built-in, so you’ll be covered from head to toe, and so will your children!

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Important Documents Checklist

This checklist covers the most important items you’ll need for your group vacation outside of the United States. You may think you’ve already got everything covered, but this checklist was designed to help you double-check the mandatory items you’ll need for your international group vacation, from passports to photocopies.


Pre-travel Checklist

Ready to start the planning process? Not sure where to begin? Start here. From how to leave your house in the ideal state for a comfortable return home, to the necessary items you’ll want to consider now before you begin packing for your exciting group vacation!


Mexico Bingo

Plan for the ultimate in fun during your next group vacation to the beautiful country of Mexico. Utilize this bingo scorecard to plan for all the exciting things you may experience during your trip. Work as a family to check off each row, or split into pairs and raise the stakes for a weeklong vacation game the whole group will remember.